Outside this is a simple low V shirt

Outside this is a simple low V shirt, can let you inadvertently reveal little sexy oh! Recommend collocation 3: use original color leopard print pattern net gauze collocation is beautiful cotton sense embroider bud silk lace, the street that the star is fond of underwear is worn outside the street is tie-in to learn immediately! […]

With black render unlined upper

With black render unlined upper garment so you can choose beige The color of underwear depends on whether you like exaggerating point or steady key, can try to wear a white T-shirt, look both spirit and sunshine, and simple and generous. Also known as powder blue or baby blue, is one of the blue colors, […]

Because of the hot summer

Because of the hot summer, wear light color clothes can reduce the absorption of sunlight, not only from the physical and mental feeling cool, if wear light color and translucent pants, best should match should be at least as color to light color coordination. If the color of the underwear comes out, it is very […]

Wearing leggings can show feminine lines

Wearing leggings can show feminine lines, so some girls like to wear tight, thin underwear. Even to the pursuit of beauty, the waist is very thin. This is a bad thing for adolescent girls. Wear corset, diaphragm is often to the upper part, make breathing by certain restrictions, pressing force causes from tights. Show the […]

wearing comfortable perspiration corset

Summer sports designed, fabric breathable, wearing comfortable perspiration corset. There are all kinds of corsets. The style is also quite a lot, plain color, printing has, wear tight pants can show female characteristic line beauty, so some girl likes to wear tight and thin underwear very much. Even to the pursuit of beauty, the waist […]

wearing a long waist corset bra combination

wearing a long waist corset bra/combination, the effect is much better. The elastic waistband (waist pliers) is used to receive a special pair of skinny underpants, with adjustable and elastic adjustments. The tight bra is very bad for the chest, which affects the absorption and excretion of all the tubes in the chest! Can cause […]

Long-term wearing tight corset

Long-term wearing tight corset, excessive outside the chest can lead to breast fat to armpits and abdomen, it is very easy to cause vice breast and the chest flat loose, the day after tomorrow at the same time also can cause breast lymph circumfluence suffocate suffocate, virtually induced hidden trap for breast cancer, mastitis, it […]

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