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Classic rules for girls’ dressing skills

OL style picks a person most, temperament is not beautiful perhaps height is not enough do not suggest to choose such style

Lovely style is color bright-coloured, design is exaggerated, with pink fasten give priority to, wear below silk socks and tall boots, lovely in do not break sex appeal

And petite lovely girl has mainly cultivate one’s morality, pencil pants and short boots or tube in high heel boots has always been the best choice for this kind of girl, no matter the winter or summer, winter body is given priority to with contracted, shoulds not be too long, too long will look down the height, so it is not recommended to choose such as the dress, clothes, and given priority to with shorts, can match short hair, mirrors can be a very good temperament, also can appear more slender neck, also can make articles on hair, do contact hot let it appear like fluffy, more longer height!

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Tie-in skill A natural color scheme

Tie-in skill A natural color scheme,The color of warm color fastens except yellow, orange, tangerine these besides, all the color that is a base color with yellow is warm color fastens. Warm color fastens the impression that can give a person luxuriant, mature and youthful spirit commonly, and suit with these warm color fastens fundamental key to have chromatic photograph collocation to have color fastens, besides black and white these two classics are lubricious, still can use camel, brown, coffee.

The color of cool color fastens with blue basically 7 color are cool color. And with cool color fundamental key collocation harmonious have no color, had better be to be able to choose black, gray, color, avoid with camel, coffee hue collocation.

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Believe a lot of girls in the daily collocation of clothes

Believe a lot of girls in the daily collocation of clothes, for the color is only limited to say, can not match red green, can not upper body deep, lower body light, so will be top-heavy! Actually color collocation also has a lot of small skill! Compose color occupies the whole body area commonly only 5 % to 15 % between. These are usually in the form of jewelry, can play the role of finishing point. The application of ornament color is the technique that the woman is best at showing oneself. Girls are wearing delicate makeup, clothes match very well and look good, and can not let a person ignore is all kinds of small ornaments on their body, such as bags, headdress, shoes and so on. In fact, their dress also must not be a lot of, also need not how flowery, some are very concise and easy design, but their deserve to act the role of very arrive however, reflected the tie-in skill of dress person and grade interest adequately so.