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Believe a lot of girls in the daily collocation of clothes

Believe a lot of girls in the daily collocation of clothes, for the color is only limited to say, can not match red green, can not upper body deep, lower body light, so will be top-heavy! Actually color collocation also has a lot of small skill! Compose color occupies the whole body area commonly only 5 % to 15 % between. These are usually in the form of jewelry, can play the role of finishing point. The application of ornament color is the technique that the woman is best at showing oneself. Girls are wearing delicate makeup, clothes match very well and look good, and can not let a person ignore is all kinds of small ornaments on their body, such as bags, headdress, shoes and so on. In fact, their dress also must not be a lot of, also need not how flowery, some are very concise and easy design, but their deserve to act the role of very arrive however, reflected the tie-in skill of dress person and grade interest adequately so.

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