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Classic rules for girls’ dressing skills

OL style picks a person most, temperament is not beautiful perhaps height is not enough do not suggest to choose such style

Lovely style is color bright-coloured, design is exaggerated, with pink fasten give priority to, wear below silk socks and tall boots, lovely in do not break sex appeal

And petite lovely girl has mainly cultivate one’s morality, pencil pants and short boots or tube in high heel boots has always been the best choice for this kind of girl, no matter the winter or summer, winter body is given priority to with contracted, shoulds not be too long, too long will look down the height, so it is not recommended to choose such as the dress, clothes, and given priority to with shorts, can match short hair, mirrors can be a very good temperament, also can appear more slender neck, also can make articles on hair, do contact hot let it appear like fluffy, more longer height!

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